I vote for H A P P I N E S S

I am just bored of all the bad stories on the news, the bad projections on our economy, the everyday misery that is like a cloud following us constantly.

I want to look at things from another perspective.

I want to be the optimistic in this everyday equation.

But what is happiness? Happiness is so subjective. It is a feeling, a gesture, an attitude. It is what I believe. You can decide to look it up as a definition or you can just try to search for it.

Because happiness is…

…the mornings kiss from your companion

…the smell of fresh coffee early at 7am.

…a hug from your kids

…a bouquet of flowers

…being the lucky one to get a new job

…fresh made lasagna for a Sunday lunch

…opening a bottle of red wine with your friends

…cycling in the countryside on a sunny day

…taking your dog for a walk

…finally getting the promotion

…booking your summer holidays

…picking a gift for a dear friend

…watching a movie and eating pop corn

…fitting in your old pair of jeans

…calling your parents just to see how they are today

…going for drinks with a friend

…singing in your bathtab

…bumping into a class mate after decades in the supermarket

…reading a book

…having a new haircut

…listening to your favorite music

…take a dive into the deep, blue sea

…the rainbow after the rain…

…and the list is practically endless!

Pick the ones that make you really happier and go after them. Find your self -confidence, wear your best smile and let the new dawn be the beginning of a wonderful day!

Have a lovely day people 😉



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