A proud mum

Being proud as a mother can be traced in small everyday moments.

Before having a child I thought that life was full of big events, milestones that a parent would evaluate as being important in a child’s life, i.e. Graduation Day. But now that I have some experience as a mother I must admit that I was completely wrong.
A mother can feel proud for so many reasons because her reality is full of tiny, giant incidents of evolution
– a baby’s first smile / first step / first word
– first day in nursery school
– first card she gets on Mother’s Day designed by her precious
– first time a child writes its name by itself
– the first time breakfast is prepared and served by her child
– the first school performance
– participation in an athletic contest
– participation in a music concert
-….(endless reasons & incidents)
Therefore, we as parents we shouldn’t neglect the value of small things. On the contrary, we should look out for them.
Because after all, it is the casual, tiny things that brighten up our lives and give as all the strength and happiness to continue our daily battle!
Children everyday make little steps towards success, independence, knowledge, self esteem, courage, towards designing their own,bright future.
We should always stand by them; encourage and reward them with our smile, our hug, our positive words, our support.
Besides, we are all so proud of them!

Positive thoughts on a rainy day

We all face bad moments in our lives. But we must never give up. The antidote is to “Live, feel and most important of all…smile. We all have so many reasons to do so”.

When you are in your thirties – or around there- it is almost definite that you have experienced sorrow, difficulties, defeat, separation, sickness, death, loss.

You wake up in the morning feeling somehow depressed. Everything around you stinks and you are usually worried, skeptical, with no good mood.But stop for a moment and think. Where do you stand?

You are still here, you are alive, you are healthy, you have a companion, you have a family, you have friends who care for you, you have a job (or the potential to find one), you have a pet, you have enough money to buy food everyday, you have a house, you have access to water & medicine, you have access to education for you and your kids, but still you are complaining every single day about your life!!

Don’t you think it’s about high time to stop doing this to yourself?

Stop whining about your misfortune. You are lucky for so many things…and you deserve to feel so and live this way!

The solution is not winning the Lotto and be able to live as a millionaire. The answer is inside you.

Stop and feel the rain coming down on your face on a chilly winter morning, take a minute to watch the sunrise while you prepare breakfast for your kids, take a glimpse at the sunset from the window of your office (no matter that you are still there).

Get out in the weekends; explore the countryside, or your city like a tourist. Organize a Sunday family lunch. Meet with your friends. Knowing their lives through Facebook and texting them in WhatsApp is not the solution. Call them, get out for a coffee/drink, discuss face to face.

Live, your life to the fullest extent.

Make changes now, so that you will have things to recall when you grow old, stories to tell your grandchildren. Make memories that will make you smile, even when you are alone.

Live, feel and most important of all…smile. You have so many reasons to do so.

After all, you have to struggle for everyday and for all your dreams to come true, but do it with a positive attitude. You are among the lucky ones on this planet 🙂